Are you ready to write for your sanity and rediscover the you within? Sign up now to apply for the opportunity to participate in this therapeutic healing writing group starting June 23, 2021 for only $149. There are a limited amount of participants per class, applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. 

Prize Giveaway   

One participant will win a STMS Prize pack which includes 2 STMS books ( Reclaiming My time from the 9-5 Grind & The Strength of a Woman or Reflections of a Survivor)  5 STMS wristbands 5 STMS pop sockets and Coach Melony’s self-paced 12 week Rediscover You & Reclaim Your workbook with 3 live coaching sessions by Coach Melony via zoom.

Cash Bonus

Each participant can win $50 cash for simply participating. 

How? Simple! 

Just submit no less than three ( 3) short ( 3-5 minutes) video testimonials during the 5 weeks of lessons detailing something that you’ve learned, seen differently or been able to express better thanks to the writing workshop. 

The global pandemic of 2020 has forced us to take our weekly writing workshop virtual, meeting online. Join our Facebook group for more info on our FREE weekly therapeutic writing workshop 


In 2017, Award winning author and mental health advocate, Melony Hill, launched Writing for My Sanity, a free weekly community based therapeutic writing workshop Baltimore, MD. Over the course of the past three years, Coach Melony has led hundreds of Baltimore residents in therapeutic writing practices. In July 2019, Coach Melony was awarded with a citation by Mayor Jack Young thanking her for her healing work with some of Baltimore's "most vulnerable residents."

While working with so many trauma survivors and sufferers of mental, emotional and invisible illnesses, Coach Melony has recognized that while writing itself is extremely therapeutic, that there's also a need for a more structured therapeutic writing curriculum, so she's created it.

This 5-week intensive with Coach Melony  will be next held in June 2021 for only $149. 

Live classes will be held via zoom on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. eastern starting June 23, 2021

By the end of this class, registrants will 

  • Have confronted their beliefs about themselves and ascertained if they are authentic or beliefs they’ve adopted due to circumstances they’ve been placed in or witnessed.
  • Have learned how to use meditation cards and mindfulness techniques to ground themselves if they feel an inner crisis coming on or are triggered.
  • Learned about and identified their actions and words that trigger their fear, anxiety, depression etc.
  • Learned how to maintain a gratitude journal
  • Discover the power of journaling and how writing your thoughts down can help you work through them more rationally.
  • Have learned and developed, positive coping mechanisms to combat anxiety, depression, grief and other negative emotions

Regina finished the 5-week class in August 2020. Here's what she has to say about it impacted her in just 5 short weeks